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Fishers as Seaweed Farmers:

  • Diversify your income

  • Have a counter-seasonal activity during your winter months

  • Build on your existing infrastructure, costs and knowledge

  • Become more resilient against the future

  • Pivot towards more sustainable food production

  • Restore the ocean with regenerative practices


Our Franchise Model

Screenshot 2024-01-21 194250.png

Farm Setup 

KOASTAL uses its expertise to select the optimal location, execute the permit process and engineer a farm for the most efficient operations and leveraging bulk equipment supply. We give fishers access to the turn-key farm. 


Fishers use their existing infrastructure, operational costs and knowledge to run the seaweed farms. Within KOASTAL's network farms collaborate and optimize operations together towards stronger local communities. 

Stabilisation and Marketing 

KOASTAL provides a guaranteed buy-back to take the market risk away from the farmer. It stabilizes the biomass and brings it to market with full traceability reports incl. certification.   

Your pilot farm

Start by learning the ropes of seaweed farming on your own pilot farm near your home harbour with the full-support of KOASTAL. 

Want to learn more?

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